Can A Stronger Butt Really Lead to Better Orgasms?

by Poosh featuring Courtney Virden

Do stronger glutes equal more stamina under the sheets? To dive deep into the steamy topic, we tapped two of our in-house contributors to share their insight on the topic. First up, Courtney Virden, our pelvic floor expert, who is responsible for some of your favorite stories, like Vagina Exercises for Better Sex and Vibrators for Different Types of Orgasms (to name a couple).

“Having strong glutes is important for both your pelvic floor health and sex life. Your gluteus muscles counterbalance your pelvic floor, and if they are short and weak then often your pelvic floor muscles are also short and weak. Having strong glutes will help you have more stamina in the bedroom and be able to get into and stay in different positions more easily. This paired with a strong pelvic floor can help you relax and enjoy the moment without tiring, leading to better sex and improving your odds of climaxing,” she shares. So according to her, all signs point to yes.

To further expand on the theory, we chatted with another Poosh contributor, Dr. Kate Balestrieri, Licensed Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist, co-founder of Triune Therapy Group, and founder of Modern Intimacy.

“Stronger glutes not only leave people feeling more physically able to hold certain positions and have more stamina for sexual pleasure, but they can also lead to more confidence, which is a huge aphrodisiac. Feeling confident is a boost to libido, to desire, to the experience of pleasure. Feeling confident sends a boosted signal between the brain and the body that it is OK to receive and experience pleasure.”

That said, “There are many ways to define self-care, and being fit does not define one’s worth. However, the act of caring for your body (find a good balance of exercise that works for you and your body’s needs without overdoing it) is an investment in yourself. In that sense, developing stronger glutes (or caring for your body in a way that you define for yourself) can strengthen the connection you have with yourself. When people, especially women, feel connected to themselves, they tend to be less deprivational and more open to the experience of giving and taking. In the bedroom, this can mean feeling strong, able to pleasure your partner, and able to ask for what you need too!”

Lastly, “Women are in charge of their own orgasms. Allocating energy and focus to your glutes (and body as a whole) reinforces a sense of autonomy and sensory awareness that is likely to boost your interoceptive prowess (in other words, the ability to notice internal physiological sensations), which can improve your ability to detect and harness pleasure, and possibly increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasms,” she explains.

It’s safe to say, a strong butt can potentially lead to more orgasms and heighten your sex life. Ready to work your glutes? Try these at-home routines included with Courtney's pelvic floor programs for a toned and tight rear.

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