Pelvic Floor Therapy for Urinary and Bowl Incontience and other pelvic floor dysfunction and sexual satsfaction

At-Home Pelvic Floor Therapy Programs

Address pelvic floor issues, diastasis, and improve pelvic floor function with these specialized pelvic floor exercise programs.

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Help for everyone wanting to eliminate pelvic floor dysfunction, help fix their diastasis recti, have better sex, and improve posture. Common pelvic floor issues include bladder and bowel issues (urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, stress incontinence, etc), painful intercourse, difficulty orgasming, lower back pain, hip pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and more.

Essential Abs & Shoulders

Besides wanting strong pelvic floor exercises, many want specialized programs for a strong core and healthy shoulder function. This at home exercise program will help build a strong core without setups and crunches and improve your shoulder health with shoulder mobility exercises.

* does not include any of the pelvic floor workouts or other content from pelvic floor programs

All Pelvic Floor Therapy Programs Include:

  • Library of 12 full-body workouts
  • Healthy Recipes
  • 75-page pelvic floor eBook
  • Video and content updates
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise Videos
  • Pregnancy Modifications
  • Bonus Exercises
  • Help via email/messaging

Online Pelvic Floor Programs and Why Everyone Needs Them

  • What Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Do I Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

    The pelvic floor supports our pelvic organs and the muscles are used in almost all movements. And pelvic floor dysfunction is similarly a common problem for both men and women and an issue that can so often be fixed at home. Some common symptoms include bladder incontinence, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, other bladder issues, low back pain, hip pain, and pelvic pressure or pain.  However many experience constipation, fecal incontinence, and other bowel movement issues.  While so many others experience abdominal pressure or pain, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, and muscle spams in the pelvis. Sexual issues, undeniably difficult, can include painful intercourse, difficulty orgasming, sexual function issues, for men erectile dysfunction and ejaculation issues are common. Though you do not have to live with these issues. Because my powerful online programs are designed to help you reduce/eliminate these issues once and for all.

  • Help Yourself With My At-Home Pelvic Floor Exercise Programs

    Far too many women and men throughout their life experience pelvic floor disorders/issues. Because the terms pelvic floor therapy near me, fix abdominal muscles, hypertonic pelvic floor (too tight), and tight vagina exercises are often specifically searched by those seeking relief and looking for help. While some do seek pelvic floor physical therapy or start a pelvic floor exercise program, there are far too many that are significantly embarrassed or ashamed (despite not needing to be) so do not seek the help they need. Instead those who don't take action then live with dysfunction and issues, which decrease their quality of life. So instead of living with these issues starting my online programs can help you reduce and even eliminate them all.

  • Diastasis Recti - What It Is and What Can I Do?

    Diastasis recti is abdominal separations of the connective tissue and too much pressure within the abdominal wall. While pregnant, pregnancy hormones, significant fetal and maternal weight gain, and stretching of the abdominal wall are all so taxing for women and can cause many issues. Many who have diastasis say they look one year pregnant but are not, and many have done a lot of exercises for their transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis muscles without any positiveresults. I gained a surprisingly large amount of weight during my pregnancies. Over 70 pounds during my first pregnancy and over 60 pounds during my second. Then I had vaginal deliveries and my babies were over 8 and 9 pounds. My programs helped me restore my core and pelvic floor function following my dialysis recti (I had a 3 finger gap) and pelvic floor dysfunction and they can help you too. They are safe and so powerful for pregnant women and postpartum, and because they are online, women repair their diastasis all from the comfort of home.

  • Better Sex and Orgasms

    These pelvic floor programs will also increase your and your partner's sexual satisfaction (though what most think are vaginal muscles it is actually the pelvic floor). They significantly will improve the quality, frequency, and even your ability to orgasm. For men pelvic floor training also firms their erections and can help delay ejaculations, undoubtedly a good thing. Instead of a tight vagina, these programs will undeniably improve the strength and elasticity which not only improves the function of your pelvic floor but will lead to significantly better sex.

  • My Pelvic Floor Programs Change Your Life

    Instead of wanting to tightening the pelvic floor ("tightening the vagina") you want to tone, strengthen, and especially improve the elasticity and responsiveness of your pelvic floor muscles to function optimally. So many believe Kegel exercises multiple times a day will help them but it can actually make issues worse for so many. And pelvic floor exercises similarly improve sexual satisfaction and orgasms for both men and women. You can take care of your pelvic health while also improving your posture and confidence at the same time. Start the best pelvic floor exercises today and see why so many around the world are already doing them.

At-Home Pelvic Floor Therapy

Join me and others all around the world and live your life feeling your best.

"So working with Courtney has been unquestionably an absolute game-changer. Her workout tips are so practical and so undeniably effective. After my second baby, getting back to feeling myself was well, quite undoubtedly a journey, until I met Courtney. Though not only does Courtney help fitness-wise, but also so much so emotionally. Therefore, I cannot thank her enough and likewise I highly recommend her and especially her online programs. "

mom of 2, lactation consultant

"So much practical and functional nutrition when you work with Courtney! Courtney has certainly always so inspired me in the kitchen to come up with recipes that actually work or tweaking recipes from books to therefore make them meet our family’s needs. Courtney has also equally, helped with overall fitness and finally recently the pelvic floor. Now my low back doesn’t hurt anymore consequently and my cramping is undeniably more minimal! Thank you, Courtney!"

mom, massage therapist

"Courtney is so fantastic! She is so incredibly knowledgeable, super sweet and makes training an enjoyable experience even when she's pushing you to try something new You can also see how much she cares about her client's health and well being, which is so awesome. Not only does she go through especially great routines with you, but she explains how and why they are helpful while she does. Overall she is so amazing and I cannot recommend her enough!"

mom of 3, pediatric sleep coach

"Altogether it has been completely life-changing to work with Courtney! Once I started I was certainly hooked. Besides helping me with my pelvic floor and fitness (great sex got especially better!) but she has helped me with my overall nutrition and making lifestyle changes that have helped every area of my life simultaneously! I have certainly never felt better about myself inside and out! My entire family is healthier now! Thus, I am so so thankful for her and her guidance!"

mom of 2, home/office organizer

"Courtney is so kind and so undeniably patient. Her pelvic floor workout, along with other workouts, focuses on doing the exercise correctly first and then moving into repetition. I always feel her support and overall encouragement. She is so knowledgeable about the body and how it functions. I feel significantly better following her online pelvic floor programs. Therefore I recommend them to everyone. You will be so grateful you started. So I therefore put my trust in her for bodywork as well as nutrition. She’s a true gem."

mom of 2, real estate guru

"This program is a total game-changer and helped me almost immediately. It truly made a difference in my everyday life. Courtney is so knowledgeable and also really helps solve a huge problem that most women surprisingly, just accept as so normal. I wish everyone knew that pelvic floor issues can be solved so easily. Thank you, Courtney, I can now run, jump, sneeze and so so much more without fear!!"

— Jaclyn S.
mom of 3, public relations executive

"Courtney helped me when I had become so altogether, hopeless. After having my babies, my vajuniper just wasn’t the same. With Courtney’s loving instruction, I've been able to learn exercises that have already improved my pelvic floor’s elasticity so much. I think it's basically a pretty common issue that not enough women discuss; but I love that Courtney is normalizing it, along with so many important conversations for us to have. I so wish Courtney could teach every woman about her body, what it needs, and how to make the very best of it!!"

— Daniell V.
mom of 2, Therapist
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