3 Hip Exercises for Better Sex

by Courtney Virden for Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh


Having tight hips can significantly impact your sexual satisfaction and your ability to have the orgasms you want. Tense hips often lead to pain in the lower back and pelvic floor, as well as sacroiliac issues, and those, in turn, could also be the issues that are causing your hip stiffness to begin with.

Tight hip flexors usually create misalignment with the hips, often an anterior pelvic tilt, which can lead to dysfunction in the pelvic floor, which can further lock the hips. With pain or a limited range of motion in your hips, it’s more difficult to explore and stay in different positions when movement is compromised. In addition, with decreased blood flow, reduced nerve input, and unnecessary tension in the pelvic floor from misaligned hips, your ability to orgasm and enjoy sex to the fullest is jeopardized—and who wants that? Luckily, there are at-home solutions.

Ahead, I’m sharing three of my favorite exercises (all are available in my Go-To program) to open up the hips, helping you with increased stamina, flexibility, and satisfaction in the bedroom. Learn the moves below.

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