Frequently Asked Questions

Which Core & Pelvic Floor Program is right for me?

If you have pelvic floor issues or diastasis recti, I recommend starting with Level 1. It is sequenced and designed to help reduce and eliminate those issues. This is the program I used and so many others have around the world to fix pelvic floor dysfunction. If you love working out or want a challenge then I recommend getting all of the videos to progress when your body is ready, or if you don't have issues you could do now. The Quickie is great for someone wanting to improve pelvic floor function without committing much time. All of the programs include full-body workouts, recipes, fitness and nutrition info, and more.

Are the Core & Pelvic Floor Programs safe to do if I have diastasis recti?

Absolutely. I do recommend consulting a doctor before starting any exercise program. My Core & Pelvic Floor Programs are designed to help close that separation. This program closed a 3 finger gap on me, twice!

I have pelvic floor dysfunction. Is this Core & Pelvic Floor Program going to help?

The program is designed to help heal pelvic floor dysfunction. Some women may need to see a physical therapist for internal work, but for most this program alone will eliminate or reduce your issues. 

Isn’t it better if I do the Core & Pelvic Floor Program every day?

No. The recommended amount is 3-4 times per week. If you do it more often, especially at first you may make compensations on your form and actually make your problem worse, not better.

I have tried programs before and they didn’t work. Why is yours different?

It is a sequenced program, where the exercises build upon the previous one, designed to not only strengthen the pelvic floor but realign the tissues, help it become more responsive, and restore an appropriate length-tension relationship. Many programs and Kegels focus on concentric contractions and our pelvic floor needs both concentric and eccentric exercises to be strong and function its best. Remember you want a strong, toned and responsive (elastic) pelvic floor - not tight for optimal function!

Will the Core & Pelvic Floor Program really help me have better sex?

Yes! Our sexual satisfaction has a lot to do with the functioning of our pelvic floor. With misalignment in the pelvic floor, nerves can become entrapped, blood flow diminished, muscles unable to respond appropriately, When your pelvic floor muscles are strong and responsive your orgasms will be stronger and more intense. Pelvic floor exercises help increase your libido and help you feel your pelvic floor. Your partner can feel the responsiveness more too!

What makes your full-body exercises different? I already subscribe to other training programs.

My exercises are fascial based (soft tissue) and will help correct alignment and movement issues. There is almost always an element of instability to help you improve both your stability and strength. The exercises work the body as a whole and are designed to work and support how we actually move throughout the day and not segment and compartmentalize our body. Training your body to work as a unit that is efficient leads to optimal movement patterns and those long lean muscles most of us desire. My workouts are all designed to help you move, look, and feel your best. When we move well we also feel amazing and look great too. If you have low energy, pain, restricted range of motion or old injuries you will love how my workouts can transform your body. 

I logged into my account but cannot see the videos. What should I do?

Try clearing your cache or opening from an incognito window. If this does not work please reach out to me right away for help.

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