Best C-Section Scar Treatment Options

by Courtney Virden

The best C-section scar treatment is the FasciBlaster and pelvic floor programs.
A cesarian section (C-section) creates scar tissue that can cause unwanted changes throughout the rest of your body, often including your pelvic floor. Worldwide, approximately 18.5 million babies per year are born via C-section. While sometimes a cesarean delivery is necessary, increasingly more women schedule one even when it is not medically necessary. "C-section scars are nothing more than a build-up of fascial adhesions," says Ashley Black, founder of the FasciaBlaster. "They run through some of the most important fascia tissue in the human body that connects our upper and lower halves. The whole body can be affected by this scar tissue. Think of it like buttoning a shirt too tight––it pulls on everything. So we don't want to leave this scar tissue dry and hard; we want to remodel the tissue." The FasciaBlaster works as an easy at-home tool to massage your C-section scar.

Importance of Addressing C-Section Scars

Women sometimes experience pain where the c-section scar is. After a C-section, some women are left wondering why does my C-section scar hurt years later. The best C-section scar treatment to help at home with the fascial adhesions is the FasciaBlaster. The c-section scar massage video below shows how to utilize this fascial tool on the c-section scar tissue lump and over the scar even if no lumps are present.

Another essential component of healing after a C-section for many is taking care of the scar tissue. "I have had three C-sections within five years, so I can speak from personal and professional experience," says Ashley Black. "There is a misconception about C-section scar tissue. Most massage therapists have trained to shy away from this area, and women are usually a bit apprehensive to break up their scar tissue, although that is exactly what we need to be doing. You can use this FasciaBlaster kit to help you remodel your fascia. Just brush your C-section scar like your teeth, briskly up and down and side to side (see video below). Take a look at this peer-reviewed and published study here. Please seek your doctor's approval post-operation to find out when massage is safe before using the FasciaBlaster tools."

C-Section Scars and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

How our bodies move and function is impacted by a C-section scar. Because of the fascial adhesion from the scar, other fascial lines become affected, creating a snowball effect in the body. Our movement patterns can change, pain may arise, and for many women, pelvic floor issues begin if they haven't already. Many women mistakenly think pelvic floor dysfunction and problems only occur with vaginal delivery, but a C-section can also create issues. A C-section can also cause endometriosis, increase your risk of needing a hysterectomy later in life, and increase your risk of placenta issues.

Common pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms in women are; urinary incontinence, pelvic region pain, hip pain, low back pain, abdominal pressure, pelvic organ prolapse, passing gas on accident, bowel incontinence, and other bladder and bowel issues. Painful intercourse, Difficulty climbing, and other sexual problems are also common after C-sections and vaginal deliveries. When you have a C-section scar and after the delivery of a baby vaginally, restoring pelvic floor health is essential and can help you recover. Core and pelvic floor exercise programs are vital for restoring appropriate pressure within the abdominal wall, especially for those with diastasis recti. I recommend doing both to anyone with a C-section scar. Pelvic floor muscle training helps heal diastasis recti, improve bowel movements, and reduce and eliminate urine leakage and other pelvic floor issues.

Dual Treatment Options Most Effective

Pelvic floor exercises and FasciaBlasting are two things you can do easily at home to help you recover from a C-section. This powerful combination helps women heal their bodies after c-sections and pregnancy. Many women believe Kegel exercises are the answer for pelvic muscles, but they are not. Most women can make problems worse and tighten their muscles too much. That can make existing issues worse or create new ones. My online core and pelvic floor program is key to helping you recover, no matter how long ago your pregnancy was, and to get your pelvic floor, core, and entire body strong and aligned.

Some women require seeing a physical therapist for internal pelvic massage or an evaluation. However, with the right tools, many women can heal themselves. That is why I recommend the combination of Ashley Black's Fasciablaster and my online programs. The Fasciablaster is great C-section massage and helping your pain from a C-section scar. My online pelvic floor programs help restore your pelvic floor health, correct movement imbalances, improve posture, and strengthen your core. Together it is a winning combo for a women, whether you have had a C-section or not.

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