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Courtney V

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  • Specialized Pelvic Floor Programs

    My methods are designed to heal and fix dysfunction and diastasis recti plus optimize pelvic floor function.

  • Sequenced Full-Body Workouts

    Helps correct imbalances in the body, improves posture, increases energy, and builds long lean muscles. 

  • Stay Fit, Flexible, and Strong

    Workout with my guided instructions from anywhere anytime to look and feel your very best.

  • Reach Your Goals

    Take advantage of my healthy recipes, extra fitness and nutrition guidance, wellness resources, and lifestyle information to help you live a healthy balanced life.

Fix your pelvic floor. Restore your posture. Have better sex!

ALL women can greatly benefit from my online specialized programs. You will get better posture, a more satisfying sex life, stronger abs, and increased self-confidence. A strong, toned and responsive pelvic floor and core are essential for your overall health!

Do you have pelvic floor dysfunction? Would you love to help yourself without leaving the comfort of your home? If you pee when you jump, have organ prolapse, trouble orgasming, painful intercourse or many of the other signs of pelvic floor dysfunction, this video training program is right for you! Start now so you can live a life without the worry and discomfort of your pelvic floor issues

What People Are Saying

"Working with Courtney and using the pelvic floor program was life-transforming for me!"


mom of 2, activist

"The day I found out I was pregnant with a very surprise 5th baby I called Courtney in a panic. There are not enough words to describe my experience during the next 8 months. Her pelvic floor workout while being pregnant allowed me to get through my pregnancy in more comfort than I had with my first 4. My back ached less and I didn’t pee my pants every time I sneezed. She took in to account my previous injuries, my insecurities, and my bad eating habits creating a workout that left me healthier and stronger than I had ever been pregnant or not pregnant. Her pelvic floor workout changed my view on how important taking care and working out that part of your body can be for so many areas of your health as a woman."


mom of 5, teacher

"Whether you have any type of mobility, flexibility, stability or pain issue (back, neck hips, etc) or your sex life is a stiff, stale, motionless yawn fest, you owe it to yourself to book a session with Courtney. 
I can assure you, you will be very happy you did. I can't recommend her enough."


— ROB H.
former professional baseball player

"Courtney is the most amazing trainer!! She's super knowledegable and has a lot of experience working with pelvic floor issues. After having 2 kids, I was a mess. She totally transformed my body without a gym and designed a specific workout for me to do on my own. Her style is very different from most trainers but way better.. a must for any mama!"


mom of 2, massage therapist

"Courtney is a phenomenal trainer. Her expertise in movement and restoring proper function is incredible. The pelvic floor work she has done with me has really changed my life."


mom of 2, business owner

"LOVE LOVE LOVE Courtney!! The exercises she has shown me have really helped me. I had back surgery and 2 kids so my body really needed some help. I'd been to tons of different trainers and physical therapists but none were able to really help me. Then I met Courtney and I am soooo grateful. She trained me a few times a week and showed me easy things I could do by myself at home. Such a sweet, genuine and kind person too. Highly recommend!!!"


mom of 2, makeup artist

"Courtney has a knack for figuring out by magic what it is you need to adjust in your posture and overall movement. I had another session with her and noticed a major difference in how I was walking after practicing several exercises to help me to engage the right muscles.  She's super sweet, well versed in the body, and has a way of making you feel comfortable discussing things that aren't always comfy, like the pelvic floor! I recommend Courtney for physical fitness, body alignment and core/pelvic floor training."


mom of 2, energy healer and reiki master

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Courtney V is a fitness trainer who specializes in pelvic floor health. She created workout video programs using her method to make it available to all women, even those who live outside of her home area of Calabasas, California.

This is the program that will change your life

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